Built By Athletes.

For The Athlete In You!

We want the future of design to look different from its past. That’s why our design process is a complete collaboration from pencil and paper, materials and machines, and even packaging.


Quality. Always.

We only use natural ingredients and absolutely NO artificial colors, dyes, sweeteners, or other fake ingredients.  When it comes to TinFold, you can always expect top-of-the-line, WADA compliant products that fuel you in the gym and out.  Lets get to work!


Excellence In Life

Hard work can be fulfilling.  We believe in giving every day your all!  We train hard, we eat well, we love life, and share it with others.  TinFold gives back to the community and participates in regular mission trips around the world to help others!


TinFold FAQ's

We Want To Help You Reach Your Goals And Have A Great Shopping Experience.  Please Feel Free To Learn More About Us In The Frequently Asked Questions Below!

Where Are You Located?

We are located in the north Dallas area of Texas.  More specifically, Plano and McKinney area.  If you are local, you can choose FREE local pickup and come meet us!

Who Is The Owner?

The majority owner of TinFold is Jordan.  He is a former US athlete and local trainer in the north Dallas area.  He currently works with Division 1 and professional athletes in the off-season and specializes in explosiveness and agility.

What Makes TinFold Different?

Great question! First of all, TinFold will always be all-natural and WADA compliant. We also believe in mind-muscle connection, so you will always see a lot of nootropics in our products. Focus and get the job done!

Do You Share or Save My Data?

In short, we have to save some data. Please read our Terms of Service HERE. We NEVER share or sell your data, that is just our company policy!

How Can I Get A Discount On TinFold?

Everyone always gets 25% off their first order by signing up for our newsletter.  Once you're on that list, we will make sure that you hear about deals and discounts before anyone else.


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