Black Label Pre-Workout
STRENGTH. ENDURANCE. ENERGY. FOCUS. The premium member of the TinFold® line, Black Label, is a refined formula that promotes mental processing speed and laser focus for extreme productivity. 1. TinFold Black Label augments our original formula with the addition of ingredients that allow for focused attention, mental acuity, quicker processing and greater accuracy. 2. The synergistic combination of low-dose caffeine and L-Theanine offers a sense of pleasant motivation without nervousness and, instead, instills a feeling of relaxed alertness. 3. Finally, the addition of L-Tyrosine and Green Tea Caffeine revolutionizes this nootropic formula, adding the ultimate brain and reaction time. Black Label Includes: L-Citrulline DL-Malate 2:1      6000mg KSM-66                                    600mg Creatine Monohydrate           500mg L-Tyrosine                                400mg Coconut Water Powder          300mg L-Theanine                               200mg Caffeine Anhydrous                250mg Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder 100mg Theobromine                          100mg Calcium Ascorbate                  30mg Potassium Chloride                 10mg Vitamin B12                             750mcg
The Tin Fold Original Pre Workout
FOCUS. STRENGTH. ENERGY. PERFORMANCE. TinFold Pre-Workouts were developed with a single purpose in mind - to be the most exceptional nootropic pre-workouts available for any workout, activity or sport with: Clinically effective dosages  Zero colored dyes  No unnecessary fillers or harmful additives. And a scientific approach to amplifying your focus and increasing your performance. Too many pre-workouts are just packed full of caffeine and other harmful additives just to give you a caffeine raged , jitter ridden, energy crash and feel like $%#@ rest of your day. We took a science first approach to ensure our pre-workouts act as a whole-brain optimizer to support a state of peak overall mental clarity and performance, WITHOUT harmful additives, jitters or mid/post workout crashes. Berry Genius, Brain Candy & RAW (no flavoring), supply your body and mind with a clean source of preworkout with the most effective ingredients in the market, at the most optimal dosages for increased focus, strength, endurance, pumps, energy, and mental clarity. Black Label is our newest nootropic pre-workout and augments our original formula with the addition of effective ingredients designed to promote increased focus, mental acuity, quicker processing and greater accuracy